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I'm not sure whether I'm eligible to apply due to my nationality.
Please check the "Qualification for eligibility".

May I apply if I have dual nationalities?
You may under some circumstances. Please check the "Qualification for eligibility ". 

A3:請聯絡台灣駐 貴國代表處查詢辦理手續,代表處聯絡方式可至下列網站查詢「外交部領事事務局」。通常您的國家需要先認證您的學歷證書,再送至台灣代表處驗證。
How to authenticate my diploma/graduation certificate and transcript?
Please contact Taiwan embassy or representative office in your/nearby country. "Ministry of Foreign Affairs“.
In general, you need to have your original documents (graduation certificate and transcript of the highest degree attained) notarized by your country. The original highest degree graduation certificate and transcript then need to be notarized by the Taiwanese Embassy / Representative Office for authentication. The Chinese or English translation of the original documents must also be verified

A4:請至「外交部領事事務局」 網站查詢各分處聯繫資訊,並致電該代表處再次確認你的文件是否屬於該代表處辦理。
There is no Taiwan representative office in my country. Where do I authenticate my documents?
If there is no Taiwan representative office in your country, you need to go to the nearby country to authenticate your original documents (graduation certificate and transcript of the highest degree attained).
You can call the Taiwan Embassy to check whether they may handle the verification process for your country. Please visit "Ministry of Foreign Affairs" for further information on Taiwan Embassies.

A5:不行,仍需要台灣駐 貴國代表處驗證才行。
My diploma and transcript have already been certified by my school or my government. Is it enough for "AUTHETICATION"?
No. You still need to bring those certified documents to Taiwan embassy to complete authentication.

For newly admitted students who cannot enroll in the University in the current semester due to illnesses or other special circumstances (such as military service, pregnancy, parenting or economic difficulty), they may apply to defer their enrollment before the date of classes begin. In addition, the authenticated academic credentials (degree and completed transcript) need to be submitted to University before requesting a deferral.
The web address for suspension of studies form is http://academic.cgu.edu.tw/files/15-1001-33703,c4801-1.php?Lang=en