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Admission Instructions for International Students 2016-2017 Academic Year(長庚大學105學年度外國學生入學招生簡章)

申請日程 Application Period and Deadline for Submission:

(1) 顯微手術國際碩士學位學程外之所有班別:


All programs (Excluding International Master of Science in Reconstructive Microsurgery):

Between February 1, 2016 ~ April 15, 2016 for Fall Admission. (Taiwan Time)

Between September 1, 2016 ~ October 31, 2016 for Spring Admission. (Taiwan Time)

(2) 顯微手術國際碩士學位學程:10521日至331日。(臺灣時間)

International Master of Science in Reconstructive Microsurgery:

Between February 1, 2016 ~ March 31, 2016 (Taiwan Time)



並將申請文件於105415日前(秋季入學)顯微手術國際碩士學位學程為331日前; 1051031日前(春季入學)親送或郵寄送至本校招生組,秋季班申請入學文件郵寄送達本校截止日為105415日前。未依照規定在申請截止日前將入學申請所需表件郵寄或親送至本校招生組,則不予受理。大學部僅限申請秋季入學。

Apply Online:

Website: http://www2.is.cgu.edu.tw/aplforis/login.aspx

Applicants should fill in the application form step by step online and all required document must ARRIVE our office IN PERSON or BY POST BEFORE the application deadline.

Applications submitted by fax or e-mail will be rejected. Late, ineligible or incomplete applications will NOT be processed. Undergraduate programs are for FALL ADMISSION only.

Application Deadline:

International Master of Science in Reconstructive Microsurgery: Before 2016/03/31;

Fall admission: Before 2016/04/15 (Application Submission by POST/ in PERSON);

Spring admission: Before 2016/10/31 (Application Submission by POST/ in PERSON)

(4) 申請者須檢附五年內TOEFL 480分(或新式TOEFL電腦測試157分或新式TOEFL網路測試54分),TOEIC 520  IELTS 4分以上之成績證明。若申請者來自英語為官方語之國家或前一學歷取得於英 語系國家者得免繳。


Applicants need to submit a TOEFL score of 480 points or higher (or new TOEFL CBT score higher than 157 points, or new TOEFL iBT score higher than 54 points), TOEIC 520,or a IELTS score of 4 points or higher within the past five years.  Program wise other English proficiency requirements, please refer to Section 4, Program wise Required Documents for details.

This requirement is waived for the applicants under the following circumstances:

(i) Applicants whose latest degree is from English-speaking countries.

(ii) Applicants from countries where English is the official language

(5)  報名繳交之證件一概不予退還。
No document will be returned whether you are accepted or not.

   Each applicant can apply for one department /graduate institute/program ONLY.

(7) 長庚大學碩、博士班外國學生助學金於申請入學時一併作領取資格審查,無需繳交額外文件

   CGU financial aids application for international full-time master/PhD students and degree application are conducted together. No additional application documents are required.

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