Admission Information for International Students Spring Semester 2022

  1. Admitted applicants have to return the Signed Admission Confirmation to CGU via Email or registered mail by December 10, 2021. Those who failed to return the Signed Admission Confirmation by the deadline will lose their admission and their position.
  2. Admitted applicants must provide one electronic copy of authenticated documents before December 31, 2021. Students who fail to comply with the requirements will not be allowed to enroll or defer study.
  3. International students receiving scholarships or grants must enroll in Basic Chinese (I for Master’s students in the first semester; I & II for Ph.D. students in the first year). This requirement is not applicable to the students who have passed the Mandarin proficiency assessment through face-to-face interview conducted by the Language Center.
  4. Stipend for Teaching Assistantship or Research Assistantship may be obtained from college support or individual advisor.
  5. The individual acceptance letter will be sent via email after Chang Gung University receives the electronic copies of your authenticated documents. If the applicants need the hard copy of the letter, please email the OIA (