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Admission Information for International Students Fall Semester 2021

  1. Admitted applicants have to return the signed Admission Confirmation to CGU via Email or registered mail by June 8th, 2021. Those who failed to return the signed Admission Confirmation by the deadline will lose their admission, and their position will be allotted to next candidates on the waiting list.  
  2. Admitted applicants MUST provide one photocopy of authenticated documents (graduation certificate and transcripts in English) before July 31, 2021. Students who fail to comply with the requirements will not be allowed to enroll or defer study. 
  3. You will receive pre-arrival information (including visa information, accommodation introduction and health certificate) from the OIA (cgu_fs@mail.cgu.edu.tw) before June 30,2021. 
  4. FAQs for authentication : https://recruit.cgu.edu.tw/p/412-1041-5300.php.
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